Hygiene at The Globe Theatre

In Shakespeares time London was a very crouded and un-hygienic place which made it easy to spread diseases around. Since people didnt have a toilet near by they would have to use something like a bucket. Think of how embarrasing it would be to use the bathroom while a play was going infrount of hundreds of people!

One of the most well known diseases during shakespeares time was the bubonic plague or well known as Black death. Shakespeare was known for being very cautious or in other words scared of the bubonic plague. The symptoms were diarrhea, adominal pain, severe headaches, loss of appitite, vomiting and chills. Thousands were killed in this era and those who survived had to get a certificate to prove that they were healthy again called 'The Certificate of Health' otherwise they would not be allowed to work.

Author: Eliza Poulter
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